Template Organizer

The maneuver template organizer is 8" by 16" and organizes all your maneuver templates and range rulers.

Price: $20
There are many customization options available for the upper left-hand corner.  Etching any faction symbol is free!
Engraving a logo takes much longer, so it costs a bit more. Price: $25
And not every engraving comes out as nicely as the one above.  The $5 pays for the blanks I have to throw away because the engraving uncovers flaws in the wood.
I've also started doing walnut inlay.  It looks great, but adds a lot of steps.  It also doesn't look as nice when left unfinished, so I add a Briwax finish to both sides of the component.  If you get walnut inlay on any two pieces, I'll finish the whole set of five pieces for no extra charge.
I'll also do custom engraving for the same price as a faction logo.  Here are some examples from the Crafted Storage Facebook group.